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pH7 Pilates is a fully equipped, client-centered studio specializing in teaching the “Classic Pilates Method” through private
lessons and group classes. Combining deep core strengthening with stretching, Pilates works to reshape and reeducate
the body while improving coordination, control, and balance. Pilates can also create longer,
leaner muscles; strong, flexible joints; and improved postural alignment.

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The Pilates Method is a type of corrective exercise developed by Joseph and Cara Pilates in the early 1900's, which focuses
on the health of the spine, core strength, and enhancing the mind-body connection. Pilates is now a widely recognized
practice around the world, and is increasingly attracting athletes seeking to enhance performance and prevent injury.
Many medical professionals are also prescribing Pilates as a proven means to help reduce - and often eliminate -
back and joint pain, as well as to prevent Osteoporosis.

All of our instructors here at pH7 Pilates are certified under the Pilates Method Alliance requirements
and have dynamic backgrounds to support their teaching.

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