What is Pilates?

Pilates is a longstanding method of exercise and movement designed to lengthen, strengthen and stabilize the body. Founded by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, Pilates combines deep core strengthening with stretching to reshape the body and improve overall postural alignment. Each movement finds its purpose in the founding six principles of Pilates – centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow.

Why Pilates at pH7?

As Pilates has grown in popularity, many studios have migrated towards contemporary, fused approaches that borrow from disciplines beyond classical Pilates.  While these approaches are valuable, they can vary vastly from what Joseph Pilates originally created.  At pH7, we have stayed loyal to the origins of the method.  We believe that experiencing the six founding concepts of Pilates – centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow – is best done in a smaller, more intimate environment, led by an experienced practitioner adept at individualizing the experience such that progress towards a balanced body is accessible to all.

Commitment to the Classical Approach

pH7 is dedicated to the proven results of classical Pilates. We do one thing – teach classically inspired Pilates – and we do it well. Pilates, as Joseph Pilates intended it, is akin to ballet – controlled and systematic with perpetual room for refinement.

Our studio’s approach allows clients to experience that structure in movement, learn to execute it with intention and build a lasting strength that centers.

Even our name reflects the conviction that the body and mind must work in tandem to achieve balance. A pH level of 7 is neither acidic nor alkaline, rather a perfectly balanced solution. Everything about our studio supports our commitment to the idea that a balanced body supports a balanced life.

Small Class Sizes

At pH7 you will experience smaller classes of only 4 to 6 participants, compared to sometimes more than twice that at other studios. In Pilates, precision in execution is intended, meaning the quality of the movement matters. By limiting the number of participants, we can safeguard that precision is not lost. Instructors are able to offer hands-on assistance, suggest individualized modifications and encourage clients to build confidence in their strength.

Personalized Attention

pH7 instructors aim to develop meaningful relationships with their clients. The reasons why someone embraces Pilates vary greatly. Helping clients set achievable goals and timeframes to support their motivations makes all the difference in how they experience Pilates. Private instruction and consistently smaller class sizes and means we can reliably deliver a personalized experience and meet you where they are on any given day.

Personalization is also why pH7 is able to embrace clients with physical limitations or disabilities. Clients with spinal, hip or knee issues, as well as diseases like Parkinson’s and MS find that practicing Pilates helps them reestablish and/or maintain the strength and stability lost to injury or illness. Clients with limited mobility in specific joints can also experience improvement through Pilates.

Elite and recreational athletes alike incorporate pH7 Pilates into their workout regimens to strengthen their core, improve flexibility, and enhance performance in their given sport.  With specific goals identified, our instructors can work with athletes to create personalized Pilates routines that complement their other physical pursuits and prevent injury.

Expert Instructors with Specialized Disciplines

Each of our instructors brings something unique to the studio. They have received certifications and specialty training from diverse and well-respected programs and mentors across the country. From knowing how to work with an expectant mother to a client with a severe bout of sciatica, our instructors have the requisite knowledge and expertise to confidently and safely address a wide variety of limitations and conditions.

Most importantly, however, pH7 instructors are passionately committed to helping clients develop a sustainable Pilates practice that brings the body into balance. They are steadfast in the support they lend, no matter course or pace of the journey. It is this commitment that allows us to offer an experience that transcends a simple hour-long exercise class.

In Our Future

pH7 Pilates wants to create a community of people who feel comfortable and well supported in their Pilates journey. We strive to make Pilates understandable, relatable, and accessible to everyone. Well into the future, we hope to continue to welcome more newcomers to Pilates, as well as those who have not yet found their perfect studio. We invite you to join us and experience firsthand how wonderful a life in balance can be.