Private & Partner Sessions

Private Sessions are ideal for all abilities and the preferred starting place if you are new to Pilates or looking to reestablish your practice. The most effective way to personalize Pilates and focus on exactly what your body needs. Maximize your time building strength, rehabilitating from an injury, or improving chronic conditions. Instructors are selectively chosen to best address your specific needs and help you better understand and execute classically inspired Pilates techniques and movements. Private sessions give you the opportunity to mindfully learn to improve your body’s alignment and strength and apply that to all your physical activities.

Partner Sessions are an opportunity to maintain the personalization of a private session while sharing the experience with a workout partner (or two).  A well-paired partner will not only motivate you in your practice but can also help you achieve noticeable results – length, strength, and balance – faster.  These sessions are most successful when partners have similar physical abilities and goals and can align their schedules on a regular basis.

Equipment Classes

Equipment classes utilize the primary Pilates apparatus: reformer, tower, and chair.  Classes may be taught exclusively on one piece of equipment or across a variety of apparatus. The resistance of the equipment’s springs helps clients achieve a challenging full-body workout.

Clients who are new to Pilates are encouraged to take a minimum of 3 private/partner sessions to learn the basics prior to joining a group class. Clients also have the option to upgrade to a private if they are the only participant scheduled for a class.

Mat Classes

Mat classes help build core strength, increase flexibility, find balance and improve stamina. The importance of breath in movement is emphasized, as well as maintaining proper spinal alignment while engaging the core. Props are often incorporated to enhance and intensify the workout.  Exercises are taught such that clients can choose to work at a beginning, intermediate or advanced level.  No previous Pilates experience is necessary to join a mat class.

Series & Workshops

We periodically offer class series and workshops designed to address specific challenges, pieces of equipment and conditions.  These are designed to allow progressing practitioners and Pilates professionals alike the opportunity to advance.