We do one thing – teach classically inspired Pilates – and we do it well.

We do one thingteach classically inspired pilates
and we do it well.

Pilates, as Joseph Pilates intended it, is controlled and systematic with perpetual room for refinement. Each movement finds its purpose in the founding six principles – centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow. Our approach allows clients to experience this structure in movement, learn to execute it with intention and build a lasting strength that centers the mind and body. 

Our name also reflects our conviction that the body and mind must learn to work in tandem to achieve balance. A pH level of 7 is neither acidic nor alkaline, rather a perfectly balanced solution. Everything about our studio supports our commitment to the idea that a balanced body supports a balanced life.

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Private Sessions

Private or semi-private instruction is ideal for all abilities and is the preferred starting place if you are new to Pilates or looking to reestablish your practice. Maximize your time in the studio with personalized instruction to build strength, rehabilitate or manage chronic conditions and movement patterns.

Have a partner you would like to do a session with? A well-paired partner will not only motivate you but can also help you achieve noticeable results – length, strength, and balance – faster.  These sessions are most successful when partners have similar physical abilities and goals and can align their schedules on a regular basis.

Private Sessions

1 Session = $90
5 Sessions = $415
10 Sessions = $800

Partner Sessions*

1 Session = $54
5 Sessions = $250
10 Sessions = $465
*per person

I love everything about pH7 Pilates! The instructors are top notch, the studio is immaculate and bright, and I always feel a little taller, stronger, and more flexible when I leave. pH7 and Jen have made a real impact on my wellness both physically and mentally! I couldn’t ask for more!

– Tyler


We offer a variety of fundamental through advanced level equipment classes, including mat, throughout the week. 

Since precision in execution is intended, the quality of your movement matters. Classes are limited to 4 to 5 participants to safeguard that precision is not lost and everyone gets the personalized attention they deserve. 

If you are new to Pilates, we highly recommend an intro package of 3 private sessions prior to joining our small group classes to learn the basics.  While you can start with our foundational or beginner classes, there is tremendous benefit in the personalized attention private instruction provides.  Please email the studio for assistance getting started.   

If you are pregnant or a newly minted mama, we also kindly ask that you email the studio prior to registering for a session or class.  


Drop In: $32
5 Classes: $145
10 Classes: $270


Drop In: $22
5 Classes: $105
10 Classes: $200


4 Classes: $105
8 Classes: $200
12 Classes: $260
Unlimited: $290

New Client

3 Private Sessions: $195
3 Partner Sessions: $120*
3 Equipment Classes: $60
Valid for new clients only. Expires 90 days from date of purchase.
*per person

I started Pilates at pH7 as I was recovering from a long illness and wanted to get my body back. To say it has accomplished that would be an understatement – I feel stronger, more balanced, and more in tune with my body than ever. I have always been a bit of a klutz, but incorporating Pilates into my fitness regimen truly gives me more confidence in my own body mechanics and movement. Carrie and Jennifer are my go-to instructors and they are fabulous! I always leave class feeling energized and content.

– Jennifer

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Our team of instructors is passionately committed to helping clients develop a sustainable and long-lasting Pilates practice that brings the body into balance. We’re an upbeat crew, steadfast in the support we lend, no matter the course or pace of your journey. Our collective certifications, trainings, and expertise qualify us to confidently and safely address a wide array of ailments and conditions.

Instruction: Private & Semi-Private  

Jen was a longtime pH7 client before purchasing the studio in 2018. Tight hamstrings and a desire to counterbalance her love of running with the benefits of Pilates originally led her to the studio. Four marathons, a baby, two hip surgeries and an ACL repair later, she’s been able to maintain her strength and stay active due in large part to her commitment to Pilates. Jen once mused that if she had more time, she would become certified to deepen her own practice. When that moment fortuitously presented itself, she completed her Comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification with Cher Aslor and began nurturing her passion – working with clients experiencing movement dysfunction. Jen fondly encourages anyone she knows to simply start moving and explore the benefits an active lifestyle provides. When she’s not at the studio, Jen loves adventuring with her husband and daughter; be it on foot, on skis or hopping on a plane somewhere new.

Instruction: Private & Semi-Private  |  Classes: All Level & Intermediate Reformer

As a Colorado native, staying active has always been a big part of Amanda’s life. A lifelong dancer, she discovered Pilates in college, inspired by her modern dance professor who used the method’s foundations to warm up his students. In 2020 Amanda went all in and earned her certification through Pilates Academy International, a satellite program of New York City based Pilates on 5th. Amanda warmly encourages her clients to find success through methodically conquering exercises that challenge their innate movement patterns. Amanda is also a yoga instructor and dance coach who finds true joy in sharing her passion for movement. 

Instruction: Private & Semi-Private  |  Classes: All Level Reformer & Chair 

Carrie was drawn to Pilates to improve her own health after having a tumor removed on her lower lumber spine. The method validated that it is never too late to improve your body awareness and mobility. She recently completed Cher Aslor’s comprehensive classical certification program at pH7 and has been passionately teaching ever since. 

While Carrie enjoys teaching a wide variety of populations, she particularly enjoys working with men. She’s the proud mother of 4 boys and believes Pilates allows men to strengthen their bodies in new and challenging ways. Her son Zach is a regular in the studio and Pilates helps him connect his mind with his body and breath. He has cystic fibrosis and autism and the therapeutic principles of Pilates help him live his best life. When Carrie is not in the studio, you can find her roaming the great wide open in her Airstream camper, equipped with a portable reformer for roadside sessions with epic views.

When Carrie is not in the studio, you can find her roaming the great wide open in her Airstream camper, equipped with a portable reformer for roadside sessions with epic views. 

Instruction: Private & Semi-Private

Jeni started doing Pilates over 20 years ago in San Francisco and quickly realized how much she enjoyed this body of movement and exercise. After leaving the corporate world and having her son in 2008, she began training with Sharon Gallagher and Carol LeMaitre. In 2014 Jeni went on to complete the Advanced Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center under the guidance of her long-time teachers; Aura Fischbeck, Susanne Staehr and Erika Linton Groff.  She also completed the Kathy Grant Heritage Training with Cara Reeser the same year. She’s been teaching ever since. Jeni is excited to share her love of the Pilates method and the organic and intuitive work of Kathy Grant by helping people on their Pilates journey. Jeni truly enjoys helping others transform their bodies and creating lasting positive effects in their daily lives.

When not teaching Pilates Jeni is either learning more about the body and mind through movement and courses or hiking the many mountains of Colorado, or possibly just soaking up some time with her son and cat.

Instruction: Private & Semi-Private  |  Classes: Beginner & All Level Reformer, Combo Equipment

Jennifer has been practicing Pilates for 24 years and has been teaching Pilates professionally for over a decade. She passionately believes that Pilates can be suitable for every body and received her formal education and certification at The Pilates Center, completing a 950-hour Advanced Teacher Training Program. Jennifer is continually advancing her Pilates knowledge through numerous workshops and certifications which include completing Cara Reeser’s Heritage Training and learning the work of Kathy Grant. Her patient, supportive and kind approach yields results and endears her to her clients. 

Classes: All Level & Intermediate Reformer, Pilates Mat 

Katie became familiar with Pilates in 2019 when she was diagnosed with bilateral hip injuries. She immersed herself in the method to both prepare for and recover from her hip surgeries. On this journey Katie decided to get certified because she was transformed in her experience with Pilates and how Pilates can change the body – strengthening the core, benefiting balance and improving the overall mind-body connection. She completed Cher Aslor’s comprehensive classical certification program at pH7 and has been teaching since 2022. 

Katie hopes to help others feel strong in their bodies. Her own personal journey with the method and extensive post-surgical rehabilitation makes her one of the most empathetic and compassionate instructors around. You can find her outside the studio exploring the high mountain lakes on her paddleboard or traversing the countryside on cross country skis.  

Instruction: Private & Semi-Private  |  Classes:  All Level & Intermediate Reformer, Pilates Mat 

Khara is an active, well-rounded athlete who has been practicing Pilates for over a decade. She finds sanctuary in the gym and the great outdoors alike and Pilates helps her thrive in both environments. Khara received her certification from Cher Aslor’s comprehensive classical Pilates certification at pH7 and particularly loves teaching clients who are recovering from sports or dance related injuries. She believes staying active in the mid to later stages of life is essential to aging well.  You can find Khara skiing, hiking or traveling in her spare time. 

Instruction: Private & Semi-Private  |  Classes:  All Level Reformer, Pilates Fundamentals

Pilates is a nourishing, healing and empowering experience that Lauren loves to share. She is a Balanced Body Certified instructor and Lauren has been teaching since 2014. Her approach to Pilates brings function to the forefront and she aims to support movement in daily life as well as in dynamic activities. Lauren validates the uniqueness of each person she works with and believes movement heals. Always curious, Lauren stays inspired by continuing her education and evolving her own practice. 

Lauren enjoys hiking with her pup, Ralph, various forms of dance and aerial circus performance, skiing, and playing guitar. 

If you are an instructor interested in joining our team or becoming a certified instructor through our next teacher training program we would love to hear from you.


  • How long are sessions and classes? 50 minutes.
  • What should I wear? Select workout attire that lets you move comfortably and freely in a variety of positions. Clothing with no zippers is preferred as zippers are hard on the equipment.
  • Socks or no socks? Socks are not required but if you are going to wear them, please make sure they are grippy.
  • How do I cancel? If you need to cancel, do so within the cancellation window in Mindbody. If you run into trouble or want to be extra sure, you can email us.
  • Do packages expire? All packages are good for 6 months from the date of purchase.  Specials and intro packages are generally good for 3 months from the date of purchase.
  • I want to come in but there aren’t any appointments that match my availability. Don’t fret! email us and we will do our best to get you paired up with an instructor who can see you when you are available. 
  • I still have questions! Get in touch and we will get back to you with answers. Email us.

Location & Contact Us

We are located at 1162 Madison Street in the vibrant Congress Park neighborhood.

There is plenty of street parking available on Madison Street. From April to November, please avoid parking on the wrong side of the street on designated street sweeping days.

Give us a call or drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Click to Email Us or Call Us 720-235-2131

Jen and her team are helping me rebuild my core strength and balance following two recent pregnancies and a hip surgery. A distance runner and outdoor enthusiast, I have been determined to get back to the sports I love, and they have met me with encouragement and support every step of the way. I am grateful for their thoughtful, creative, patient and detail-oriented approach, and I look forward to each session. Over the last 2 years, pH7 has become a sanctuary and a source of community for me. I am so grateful!

– Ali